Find Your New Favorite Snack

Try a fresh smoothie bowl at our health food shop in Toms River, NJ

Where do tasty, fruity flavors and healthy, filling meals meet? In a smoothie bowl from And It's Good Stuff! Our brand-new fruit smoothie bowls are a delicious snack or meal replacement. You can choose between our Go Berry'Nuts bowl or Bangin Bluetella - and trust us - you can't go wrong with either.

Come to our spot in Toms River, NJ to enjoy a smoothie bowl today.

3 things to know about our new smoothie bowls

If you've been a fan of our restaurant for a while, you might have a go-to order. But now that we carry fruit smoothie bowls, it's time to switch it up. Try our fruit bowls because:

  • Each one has layers, so you get a mix of ingredients in every bite
  • They look amazing, so you can post them on your story
  • They're flavored with a delicious and sweet all-natural honey
Want to learn more about this new menu item? One of our staff members is happy to tell you more when you get in touch with us.